Unemployed Unexpectedly – 06/11/18 ~ 06/24/18

Unemployed Unexpectedly
Event Date: 06/11/18 ~ 06/24/18
Reward: (20 Winners) 30  Star Essence (10,000), 3  Gem (100,000), 3  Bound Zen (1,000,000), 3  Bound Diamond (100)

Many goblins in Noria work in the crystal mine, and the mining industry takes a great part in the Noria’s economy. But one day, a disastrous tragedy happened.The mine collapsed! Luckily no goblins were inside the mine, but they all lost their job.Warriors help these poor goblins by collecting resources in crystal mine for them and taking a screenshot of it. The goblins will surely have some rewards for you with gratitude!

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