Attribute – Stats – Fruits

  1. Open the panel displaying the stats of your character

  1. Current tab on the active window.
  2. Your current combat points – CP.
  3. Shows the basic parameters of your character – Max Hp, Phys DMG, Magic DMG, Magic DEF, Accuracy, Evade, Amplify DMG/Magic (Max MP for all characters is the same and is 500 but for not understandable reasons, it is displayed as 0; Attack SPD – At the present time there are no things in the game that can increase your attack speed, maybe we’ll see something like this in future updates).
  4. By clicking on the icon you can see absolutely all the bonuses that you get from various game features.
  5. Your personal ID.
  6. Current Rebirth and Level.
  7. The guild you belong to.
  8. Your class (hello captain obvious).
  9. Points that you get for killing other players in Party / Guild / Hostile modes (max 1000).

  1. Unused points that you get for raising your level.
  2. STR – Increase Physical DMG and Amplify Magic for Dark wizard / Magic Knight.
  3. ENG – Increase Magic DMG and Amplify DMG for Dark Knight / Elf / Magic Knight.
  4. AGI – Increase Physical DEF, Magical DEF, Accuracy, Evade.
  5. STA – Increase Max HP.
  6. Enable / Disable automatic distribution of free stats.
  7. Resets your stats (stats obtained from fruits can not be reseted).
  8. Offers automatic distribute of accumulated free stat points.

  1. The fruit icon, as you can see in the game there are 4 types of fruit. Each fruit adds 2(1) stats to a certain stat.
  2. A bar that displays the quantities of stats obtained from the use of fruit.
  3. With each rebirth, the maximum number of stats that can be obtained with fruits is increased.

  1. Required number of stats to equip gear.

Fruits – one of the most important features of the game at an early stage of the gameplay. Thanks to the large number of received stats from fruits, you can put the equipment above your current level. Many players tend to increase their damage by upgrading their weapons to be the best DPS dealer in DS and WB. However, do not forget about Crystal Mine, where your armor has been needed for a while.

  1. Jewel of Creation
  2. Jewel of Chaos
  3. Random fruit
  4. Using bound materials first (Output fruits will be bound). If you want get a unbound fruits – use only unbound materials.
  5. Required zen for make fruits (even bound zen produce unbound fruits).
  6. With success rate of 50% creates a random fruit, which adds 2 stats.

Where can I get materials?

Bound Jewel of Creation and Jewel of Chaos:

  • Dice shop
  • Story Dungeons
  • Kalima
  • Special WebZen events
  • Gem Exchange
  • Special Jewel Packs
  • Blood Castle

Unbound Jewel of Creation and Chaos:

  • Balrog in Devil Square
  • Drop from location monsters
  • Auction
  • Gold Lair
  • World Bosses
  • Boss Castle


Elixirs give a temporary (for 1 hour) increase of your stats by 500. At the same time, different types of elixirs can be used. Many players because of lack of fruit use elixirs to equip weapons or armor higher tier. However, this requires certain costs – Gems, Bound/Unbound diamonds.
You can buy elixirs in Shop and Gem Exchange.

Buy Jewel of Creation in Dice Shop

  1. You can buy 10 Jewels of Creation per day.


  1. Increases AGI / STR / ENG / STA by 500 for 1 hour.

You can also get an increase to the stat from the bonuses for increasing the tier of the Relic.

Increase your stats from talents in Specialty.

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