Auction is a trading platform for players.

  1. Open a game auction, which will help you buy the things you need, as well as get rid of the things that take up space in your inventory.

  1. The tab displays all types of things you can buy at auction for Unbound Diamonds or Unbound Zen.
  2. Go to the sales tab for your own things.
  3. Logs of your sales and purchases.
  4. Number of your Unbound Diamonds.
  5. Number of your Unbound Zen.
  6. Item icon that is for sale.
  7. Item name that is for sale.
  8. Item tier that is for sale ( 1 – 10 ).
  9. Retail price.
  10. Wholesale price.
  11. Allows you to select the display of the desired currency.
  12. Detailed search of necessary game things.

  1. The thing you put up for sale.
  2. With each sale, the system picks up a tax of 5% ( If you put up for sale a thing in 1000 Diamonds, then with a successful transaction you will get 950 Diamonds).

When you click on an item available for sale (inaccessible things are darkened) you can sell it.

  1. Selected item for sale.
  2. There is a choice of the number of items for sale.
  3. Choose the currency of sale.
  4. Set the price. Remember that when you sell, you will receive 5% less due to tax.

Exchange of currencies

  1. Enter the amount of Unbound Zen you want to exchange.
  2. Enter the amount of Unbound Diamonds you want to get from exchange.

The ability to use search at the auction will help you to save, as well as quickly find what you need.

  1. Enter the name of the thing or a specific part of the name. Remember that a mistake in the item name is not allowed.
  2. When looking for Epic items, for convenience, you can turn off the display of other types (Normal, Magic and Rare) of things.

  1. Let’s try to find the gloves.
  2. Disable the display Normal, Magic and Rare items.
  3. Turn on the display Epic items.

Click on the word Tier, so that the top displayed things of the highest tier.

  1. At the moment, all epic gloves for all character classes are displayed from tier 9 to tier 1.

    Sorting Jewels of Soul at a price, starting with the smallest apiece.

  1. By clicking on the word Unit Price, we can sort the necessary thing for us at a price.
  2. Displaying sorted Jewels of Soul, where at the very top is the cheapest offer for one item.
  3. Disable the display all offers for Unbound Zen.

Tips for Traders

  • Try to check prices for the most popular items more often. At different stages of the game, it can be different goods. Such as fruits or jewels. People often try to sell something faster, so they put prices lower than the early prices.
  • Also sometimes people can make mistakes, confusing the type of currency.
  • If you want to sell an item faster, then first find all the existing offers at the auction to find out the minimum price.
  • Buying and disassembling Blue and Rare items for Unbound Zen, you can earn Gems.

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