A Sincere Blessing

A Sincere Blessing
Event Date: 12/20/17 ~ 12/26/17
Reward: (20 Winners) 3 Gold Spark, 10 Blessing of Truth, 3 Aether Dust (100), 10 Star Essence (30,000), 3 Bound Zen (1,000,000)

What do you think is an adventurer’s most valuable attribute? High CP to defeat enemies, or lots of potions to survive? Well, we believe that the most important thing in a warrior’s journey is a trustworthy companion.

Why don’t we have a little break to bless the companionship of others? Show us a screenshot of you blessing other companions at [Companion Blessing]. Please include your character information, such as the region, the server and the character name!

To participate, go to the official event page !

MU Origin Update – Battlefield of Emperor – Patch Notes

MU Origin Update v2.1

Newly added contents

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1. Battlefield of Emperor
– A 20 vs 20 battle fighting each other divided into the Alliance and the Order, Battlefield of Emperor has been added.
– Characters over 6 Rebirth can participate in the Battlefield of Emperor and the characters are sorted in the separate battlefield depending on the rebirth level.
– If the rebirth level the character is in has insufficient participants, the character is sent to a different rebirth level battle.
– It can be entered by [Event > All server event > Battlefield of Emperor].

– Event hours are as follows.
# Registration period: Monday and Thursday 21:00 ~ 21:25
# Battle period: Monday and Thursday 21:30 ~ 22:00
※ Monday and Thursday 21:25 ~ 21:29 is the battle preparation period.

– Destroy the opponent’s Mineral Base to win the battle.
– If neither side lost their base, the camp with the most points will be victorious.
– If both camp’s points are the same in the end of battle, both are counted as defeated.
– After the battle, warriors that have acquired over 100 points receive win/defeat rewards (Bound Zen, EXP).
– The Emperor points that you have acquired can be used to purchase Tarot Cards in the Battlefield of Emperor Shop.
– The shop item list is renewed after a certain time period, or you can manually renew the list by spending Diamonds.

2. Tarot Card
– Tarot Card system has been added where you can equip the cards to give extra options to your character.
– The Tarot Card system opens upon completing the quest [Master of the Forest].
– There are 15 types of Tarot Cards in total. Each Tarot Card gives special options to the character when equipped.
– Tarot Cards can be equipped at [Tarot Card > Equip Tarot]. Maximum 6 cards can be equipped at the same time.
– Tarot Cards can be leveled up by spending the same sort of Tarot Cards in the inventory at [Tarot Card > Tarot Card list].
– The maximum level of Tarot Cards is 50.
– Emperor’s Privilege can be activated by using ‘The Emperor’ card in the inventory.
# Emperor’s Privilege may include the cards that are not activated.
# If you acquire a Tarot Card in your inventory that has not been activated, the level up effect also applies to the card for the time left.
# Emperor’s Privilege can be reset by [Tarot Card > Emperor’s Privilege > Reset], and the level up effect are deactivated in case.

3. Costume Wardrobe
– Costume Wardrobe has been added where you can equip and enhance Costumes.
– Wardrobe is activated when you equip a Costume.
– Once you tap the [use] button of a Costume to put in the Wardrobe, the Costume becomes bound to the character. It cannot be returned to the inventory.
– The options of all Costumes stored in the Wardrobe are cumulative.
– Costumes can be leveled up to Lv.10 by using the same type of costumes in the inventory.

4. Companion Arena
– Companion Arena is a 2 vs 2 Server Arena event that two companions can join the event in pair.
– Companion Arena can be entered at [Event > Server event > Companion Arena].
– Event hours are every Friday and Saturday between 13:30 ~ 15:30.
– Companion Arena opens upon completion of the quest [Hideout].
– If both Companions are online during the event period, the match can be entered by selecting [Doubles Match] to enter the match.
– If either of two Companions is offline during the event period, the match can be entered by selecting [Single Match] to enter the match.
It will randomly match the character with another Single Match player or two a pair of Companions.
– If either Companion cancels matching, both of two Companions get excluded from matching.
– A battle lasts for three minutes, and a maximum of 10 battles can be joined a day.
– ‘Blessing of Love’ buff can be received by defeating Angel Sheep of Love. The buff can be taken by defeating the current buff holder.
– A minute after the battle begins, Angel Sheep of Courage appears in the map. ‘Blessing of Courage’ buff can be received by defeating it. The buff increases the damage dealt to the holder of the ‘Blessing of Love’ buff.
– The battle can be won by keeping the ‘Blessing of Love’ buff for a minute, or holding the buff at the end of the battle.
If neither sides hold the buff to the end of the battle, both sides are counted as defeated.
– In case of break bond, Companion Ranking points and winning streaks of the week are all deleted.
– If the Companions holding the title [Flower of MU] break the bond, the titles are immediately deleted.

5. Companion Blessing
– You can send Blessings to other Companions and get blessed in Companion Blessing.
– Blessings can be sent at [Companion Blessing] or [Character Information > Bless].
– Blessings can be sent at any time except every Sunday between 23:00 ~ 23:59 for the Ranking settlement.
– Four types of Flowers can be used for Blessing: Flower of Truth, Flower of Spirit, Flower of Faith, and Flower of Companionship.
– Blessing costs Blessing of Truth or unbound Diamonds.
– Blessing with the Flower of Companionship sends random rewards to a random character in the safe area in Lorencia
– The first place Companions will be honored with their own pedestal in Lorencia, but if the companions break the bond, both pedestals will be removed.
– Blessing are counted together for each Companion pair in the Ranking, and those who received most Blessings receive Ranking rewards.
Three pairs of Companions with most Blessings received can receive Companion Costumes.
– Blessing Ranking rewards can be claimed until the next Ranking settlement period.

6. Guild Diplomacy
– Guild Diplomacy is a system that you can ally with guilds in your server and beyond servers.
– The guild master of any guilds over Lv.5 can request alliance by spending the guild budget.
– Alliance request should be accepted or rejected within 24 hours. Otherwise it is automatically canceled.
– Allied guild can break Alliance without consent at any time.
– In case of guild disband or lack of guild budget, All Alliances made get automatically broken.
– Guild members cannot attack allied guild members in the world map or all-server maps in Guild mode.
However, the Alliance effect is not active during the server dungeons and the server events such as Loren Castle Siege and Cry Wolf Battle.

7. Max Character Level Raise
– Max character level has raised to 12 Rebirth 100.

8. Highest Floor expanded in Endless Tower
– The highest floor of Endless Tower has increased to 130th.
– You must be 12 Rebirth or higher to enter 121st ~ 130th floor of Endless Tower.

9. Santa Costume and Snow
– Newly introducing ‘Santa Costume’ and the Pet ‘Snow’ to add a seasonal joy to the MU Continent.

10. Accessory
– Add a charm to your character if you feel like something has been missing with Accessory.
– Accessories can be acquired in the shops or by reaching activation requirements, and help increasing character options.
– How to acquire each Accessory can be found at [Accessory > Preview > Activation conditions].
– Accessories increase character options when equipped.
– Accessory Combination activates extra set buffs.
– Charm Points can be gathered by activating certain Accessories or by disassembling them.
– Accessories can be leveled up by enhancing Accessory Slots with Charm Points.
– The total number of Accessory Slots is five. New Slots open when the sum of Slot Levels reaches Lv.5, 20, 40, and 70.
– The maximum level of Accessory Slot is 50.

11. Emblem
– Emblem is a newly added system. Activating the Emblem will immediately remove all status effects, and your character will remain immune to status effects for a certain time period.
– Activate the Emblem to receive immunity to all status effects: slow, freeze, stun, knock-back, hold, faint, and paralyze.
– Emblem doesn’t decrease any damages dealt to the character.
– Emblem has a 40 second cooldown.
– Emblem is available to use by completion of the quest [The Origin of the Darkness] after 8 Rebirth.

System improvement

1. Completion the quest [Soul of the Desert (4)] Required To Open The Guild Temple
– After the v2.1 update, you need to complete the quest [Soul of the Desert (4)] to open the Guild Temple.

2. Power Saving Mode added
– If the character is not controlled for a while, the game automatically turns into the power saving mode.

3. Seasonal Theme applied in Lorencia
– Holiday has come to the MU Continent too. Visit snowy Lorencia full of holiday atmosphere.

4. Story Dungeon Sweep Reward
– Gem received by sweeping Story Dungeons is now directly added to your Gem amount instead of being sent to your inventory.

5. More Daily Tasks Available For Instant Clear
– More daily quests can now be instantly cleared at [Task > Daily Benefits]. It may differ depending on the rebirth level of the character.

6. Available To View Other Characters’ Specialty
– Now you can view other characters’ specialty by selecting a character and [View Specialty].

7. Auto Potion Purchase Available Now
– you can now use the option to automatically purchase potions if they are insufficient at [System > Combat].

8. Auto Seed Enhance Available Now
– You can now automatically seed-enhance by checking Auto Enhance at [Refine > Seed Enhance].
– Enhanced Seed options are automatically saved when seed-enhance.


Server Maintenance – Battlefield of Emperor Update

Hello Warriors,

MU Origin will be having a website and game maintenance from December 19th 02:00 AM to 09:00 AM UTC.

Maintenance Schedule (7 hours)

12/19/17 02:00 AM ~ 09:00 AM

PDT (US West)
12/18/17 06:00 PM ~ 12/19/17 01:00 AM

EDT (US East)
12/18/17 09:00 PM ~ 12/19/17 04:00 AM

*During the maintenance period, players will not be able to access the game or the Support page*

– Battlefield of Emperor Update

Maintenance Reward
– Epic Pet Ticket (3x), Bound Zen (1,000,000) (3x), Gem (100,000) (3x)

Official page