Be stronger with me!

You can not play, but do not want to miss daily events?

Now you have the chance not to miss your daily rewards with my help!


Making all your dailies + shop clicking + server & guild events:

1 DAY – 10 USD (PayPal)

Only Crystal mine or Territory picking – 3 USD (PayPal)

AFK Farming events ( 8 HOURS ) – 5 USD (PayPal)

What daily means? – All that we specify will be done.

At start you pay. – After payment i play.

My contacts: 

Viber + WhatsApp: +375291972832

Skype: djassar119

You need contact me 24+ hours before this day(s) that you need my help!

Typical daily include:

  • Blood Castle – Sweep x3 + All from VIP Level
  • Devil Square – Sweep x3 + All from VIP Level
  • All Server Dungeons
  • All quests
  • All statues
  • All shop clicking
  • Crystal Mine 2x time, Territory Collect 2x time
  • All Daily Server & Guild events (Crywolf, Castle Siege, Struggle, Minor or Major League, Battleserver, Battle Core, Emperor, Rapputh Boss, Force battle, Corps Battle, Server Assault, and others)
  • All Grades clicking ( Rune, Trophy, Guild Temple and others )
  • Arena ( 10 battles Arena + 5 battles Server Arena )
  • Companion Arena if Friday or Saturday
  • Angel Temple, Illusion Temple and Chaos Castle
  • Colloseum
  • Ragnarok bets ( if need )

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Nice ideia. Good luck and thank you to continue the website live.