A Sincere Blessing

A Sincere Blessing
Event Date: 12/20/17 ~ 12/26/17
Reward: (20 Winners) 3 Gold Spark, 10 Blessing of Truth, 3 Aether Dust (100), 10 Star Essence (30,000), 3 Bound Zen (1,000,000)

What do you think is an adventurer’s most valuable attribute? High CP to defeat enemies, or lots of potions to survive? Well, we believe that the most important thing in a warrior’s journey is a trustworthy companion.

Why don’t we have a little break to bless the companionship of others? Show us a screenshot of you blessing other companions at [Companion Blessing]. Please include your character information, such as the region, the server and the character name!

To participate, go to the official event page !

The conquest of the winter

The conquest of the winter
Event Date: 12/11/17 ~ 12/24/17
Reward: (20 Winners) 5 Gem (100,000), 5 Bound Zen (1,000,000), 5 Bound Diamond (100)

This winter feels oddly cold. Lorencia has become freezing too! We had a little investigation into this weird weather, and it turns out that the Ice Queen is trying to freeze the entire continent of MU!
Please defeat the Ice Queen, hiding in the Ice Queen Palace, and help us warm things up a bit!

To participate please go to the official game forum

Black Friday is here

Get a guaranteed gift for participating in the event

Come into the game every day, for 7 days to get the title and the bonuses that come with it, as well as many other rewards

Buy 3000 diamonds every day for bonuses from WebZen

Buy 30,000 diamonds during the event and get an exclusive title, as well as a pet Magma Fist

Watch for limited sales, perhaps you will want to buy something

+20 Enhance Event

Collect Stuffing and Cranberries for get some daily Exchange rewards