MU Origin Update – Landing of Summoner – Patch Notes

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Newly added contents

1. New Class ‘Summoner’
– Summoner can be created if you have at least one character above 3 Rebirth Lv.1 or by using the item ‘Scroll of Dark Souls’.
# Scroll of Dark Souls is available in the Shop, and one Scroll of Dark Souls is consumed to create one Summoner.
# The newly created Summoner will be at 2 Rebirth Lv.1
– The Equipment for Summoner starts from Tier 5 and the character is equipped with Tier 5 equipment upon creation.
– The Summoner summons the Valkyrie during the battle and deals magical damage.
– The Summoner’s stats are automatically distributed in the same manner as those of the Dark wizard.
This can be changed through [Stat > Reset].
# Unbound Diamonds are required to reset the stats for the characters over 3 Rebirth Lv.1.

2. Sub Character
– The quest [Secret] must be completed after 8 Rebirth Lv.1 to create a Sub Character.
– Each character can have one Sub-Character that shares the same name.
# 1,500 Unbound Diamonds are required to create a Sub-Character.
# The class of a Sub-Character cannot be the same as the main character’s class.
# Once a Sub-Character is created, it cannot be deleted or changed to another class.
– The main character and the Sub-Character share most features, with a few exceptions.
# Shared features:
Rebirth Levels, Resources, Domain, Wardrobe, Accessories, Zodiac, Quests, Pets, Stat Points, Specialty Points, etc.
# Non-shared features:
Equipment, Skills, Skill Levels, Distributed Stats and Specialties.
– Switching between main and Sub-Characters can only be done in safe areas (not possible in dungeons or open areas on the map).
– The Sub-Character cannot use Companion-related features (Companion Arena, Companion Dungeon, Companion Request, etc.).

3. Land of Struggle
– The Land of Struggle is a new Guild event where you can battle against a boss monster with your guildmates.
– The guild with the quickest clear time and highest damage dealt to the boss monster across all servers wins.
– Land of Struggle is unlocked at Guild Lv. 6 and can be joined at [Guild > Guild Event > Land of Struggle].
– Only the guild master can apply for the preliminary battle.

[Preliminary Battle]
– Event Hours: Every Wednesday 20:35 ~ 21:00
– The 16 guilds with the fastest boss-kill times will qualify for the next day’s tournament.

– Event Hours
# Every Thursday 20:35 ~ 20:45 (round of 16), 20:50 ~ 21:00 (quarter-finals)
# Every Friday 20:35 ~ 20:45 (semi-finals), 20:50 ~ 21:00 (final)
– From the round of 16 on, the battles are held in a tournament format.
– The top-16 guilds from the preliminary battles are automatically registered for the tournament, and battles can be entered right after the event starts.
– Two guilds are placed in the same dungeon to compete. The guild that deals more damage to the boss wins.
(In case of equal damage dealt to the boss, the guild with the fastest time in the preliminary battle wins.)
– PvP is allowed in the event dungeon.
– The Land of Struggle rewards include Bound Zen, EXP, Contribution Points and The Emperor Card.
However, no rewards are granted to those who deal no damage to the boss.
– Additional rewards are given to the one who deals the final blow to the boss.

4. Forge
– The Forge is a new sort of Refine system that allows to increase extra options of Tier 11 or higher equipment.
– Sapphires, Amethysts and Unbound Zen are required to forge equipment.
– The Forge grants a buff that increases options given by Enhancement, Option Enhancement and Seed Enhancement.
– Sapphires and Amethysts can be acquired from Pet Point Shop, Dice Shop, Guild Shop, and Land of Struggle.
– The Forge has a certain chance of success, and the flame is extinguished on failure.
– When Jewels of Guardian are used, the flame will not be extinguished even if the Forge fails.

5. West Akeron
– Another all-server area, West Akeron for Rebirth over 12 has opened.
– You can enter the ‘West Akeron’ at [Map > All-Server Map > West Akeron].

6. ‘CP Rewards’ System
– CP Rewards are newly added rewards which can be claimed based on the character’s CP.
– CP Rewards can be found and claimed through [Rewards > CP rewards].
– Please note that CP obtained from temporary buffs via skills or potions doesn’t count towards CP Rewards.

7. Blood Costume
– A costume in the color of scarlet blood, Blood Costume has been added.
– Blood Costume can only be acquired by Epic Chest using Unbound Diamonds during the event period.

8. Three Chicken Brothers
– Meet three adorable chicken brothers who may look cute, but are vicious in the battles: Emperor Chick, Robot Chicken, and Rooster.
– They can only be acquired by Pet Capture using Unbound Diamonds during the event period.

System improvement

1. Skill Priority Setting
– You can now prioritize your skills at [System > Combat > Skill Setting].

2. Auto Process for Daily Quests added
– Once [Upgrade Star Grade], [EXP x2] options are on it will be applied to round 10. (Can turn off the options during the process.)
– If you have insufficient Zen or unbound Diamonds for [Upgrade Star Grade] and [EXP x2], the basic rewards will be received.

3. Cry Wolf Server Dungeon
– The barrier around the entering area has been added. It disappears once the event begins.

4. Theme Change In Lorencia
– Holidays are over. Spring might still seem far away but is slowly coming in Lorencia too.
– Holiday there in Lorencia has been removed.

5. Crystal Mine’s Event Hours extended
– Crystal Mine’s event hours have been extended for 2 hours a day!
– You can collect the crystals for x2 rewards between 12:00 ~ 14:00 and 22:00 ~ 24:00 from now on.

6. The Stack Limit Increase
– The stack limit of some items including potions has been increased to 9999.