New costume and new pet!

Strange things often happen on the Halloween night because ghosts love to come over to town and tease people. Try this Halloween Costume that was sneaked from a witch’s closet in the Swamp of Peace. It might upset the witch, but it will be more than enough to freak the ghosts out!
As the night settles in, something shows up from the deep abyss. This creature looks very powerful and yet vacant inside. You seem like the only eligible master of this dangerous creature, Shadow of The Void!


Do you want to participate in the Major Guild League, but don’t belong to a Guild? Well, there is a new system where everyone can enjoy the Guild League! Choose a Guild to support, send them cheers and applauses! Guilds in the Major League will be happy to have some supports, and you will get rewards in return!



The continent has been divided into three Forces and will now compete for supremacy of the MU continent! What would you choose, the Union, the Sacred Order or the Illusion Association? Eliminate the monsters that enter the Force territory, destroy the bosses and become the champion!
Don’t be too surprised if your friends join other Forces! You know, a friend today may turn against you tomorrow!

Abyss Temple

The new region has been discovered for the ones who have conquered all the monsters from all areas. Abyss Temple is dark and dangerous place! But many have entered to reveal its secret and never came back. Are you fully prepared to step into this mysterious land? If so, please find the cause of despair and eliminate the darkness from the Abyss Temple!