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MU Origin Update (v4.0)

Newly added contents

1. Ritual Event
– Ritual is an event for the players that have joined the Corps to receive rewards by completing quests for an event period.
– Only the players that has joined the Corps can participate in the Ritual event through [Ritual] menu.
# During the Special event period, you can enter Ritual system through [Special Event > Ritual] menu.
– During the Ritual event period, Corps members can acquire quest items for Ritual by killing certain monsters every day.
– Ritual has total 4 phases, and each phase has quests that can be completed by contributing quest items from Corps members.
– When a Ritual quest is completed, the Ritual progress is increased. If the Ritual progress reaches 100%, the next phase opens.
You can claim ‘Phase Reward’ at this state.
# The Corps members that have joined the Corps before reaching 100% of the Ritual progress can claim phase rewards.
# You can claim ‘permanent Title’ as a reward from phase reward.
– You can claim Ritual point rewards based on the acquired Ritual points from contributing Ritual quest items.
# If the Corps member leaves Guild/Corps, the Ritual points are reset.
# But if the Corps member leaves Guild and joins the Guild with same Corps of previous Guild, the Ritual points aren’t reset.
# If the Guild leaves Corps and joins other every Guild member’s Ritual points are reset.
– Ritual ranking is decided based on the Corps’ Ritual progress. And ranking rewards can be claimed by the ranking of the Corps.
# If two or more Corps have the same Ritual progress, the ranking is decided in time order.
# If the Corps is disbanded, it is removed from the ranking.
# You can claim ‘temporary Title’ as a reward from ranking reward.
– Only the Corps members that has achieved certain amount of Ritual points can claim ranking rewards.

! Ritual event will begin on 2018 October 29th (Mon) at 00:00

2. Force system
– You can enter Force system through [Force] menu or [Map > All Server Map > Hidden Island(Force)].
# You can check the Force’s information and use Force shop through [Force] menu.
# You can enter Force fight through [Map > All Server Map > Hidden Island(Force)].
– Force system opens upon completion of the main quest [Sealed Door(2)] after Rebirth 10 Lv. 40.
– There are total 3 Forces and only the players that have joined the Force can enter the Force map.
# In the Force map, characters from same Force is in Peace mode and the PK mode against other Force is fixed as Hostile.
# PK modes aren’t activated in the Force map.
– Force members can claim Force Contribution, Force Grade by proceeding Force quest, defeating Force Boss and collecting Force resources.

Force Quest
– Force Contribution and Force Grade are given as rewards for completing [Force > Force quests].
# Force Contribution can be exchanged with rare items in the Force Shop.
# Force Grade is used to decide Force Ranking.
– The Force Rank and Force quest reset at 00:00 every Monday.

Force Boss
– At every 16:00, the Force Boss Rapputh appears in the Force map and when the Force Boss is defeated, rewards such as Force Contribution, Force Grade, Force Prosperity are achieved based on the damages dealt to the Force Boss.
– You need to be in the Force map to receive the rewards when the Force Boss is defeated.
# If you are logged out or have exited from the Force map the rewards can’t be received.
# The character that has dealt most damage to the Force Boss acquires the Special Title ‘Devil Slayer’. All three ‘Devil Slayer’ Title from each Force can be acquired by a single character.

Collecting Force Resource
– Force resource can be collected at every 12:00 to 18:00 in the Force territory.
# Force resources grow as the time goes by and can only be collected after the resource is grown to certain status.
# If the resources aren’t collected the resources are collected automatically after some time.
# Each Force’s patrol golem protects the collecting area and attacks when the players from other Force approaches.
– You can increase the belonging Force’s prosperity by collecting belonging Force’s resources or stealing other Force’s resources.

Force Prosperity
– Collecting the Force resources and defeating the Force Boss will increase the Force Prosperity.
– A Force spends Prosperity every day for a maintenance fee. However, it is not consumed when the points run too low.
– Prosperity ranking is renewed at every 00:00.

Force Position
– Every week, Force rank top 3 characters are placed in the positions. (Highlord, Warlord, Champion)
– The character that is positioned as a Highlord can ‘modify Force announcement’ and ‘designate hostile Force’.
# The Highlords of each Force can designate a hostile Force, and the designation will increase the damage against the hostile Force.
# When the hostile Force is selected, the designation is applied the next day, and is extended unless there is a change.
– Force position is reset every Monday at 00:00. (Force Contribution is not reset with it.)

Change Force
– When you choose to change the Force, only parts of your Force Contribution and Force Grade information will be transferred.
– You will not be instantly included in the new Force’s Ranking after Force change, and must wait for the Ranking renewal.
– Changing Force consumes unbound Diamonds.

3. Guild League Cheer
– You can participate Guild League Cheer through [All server event > Major League] to the Guilds that is in the Major League.
– When participating in the Guild League Cheer, the bound Zen is consumed.
– When the Guild that you have sent a cheer wins, you receive the League Cheer Points.
– League Cheer Points can be exchanged with rare items in the League Cheer Shop.
– League Cheer Points last for the 20 rounds and after it expires.

※ Please be noticed that Guild League Cheer consumes 10,000 bound Zen.

4. Mount Equipment
– The items that increases character’s options by equipping to the Mount ‘Mount Equipment’ has been added.
– The Mount equipment can be acquired through the [Epic Chest] using unbound Diamonds and monster loots.
# ‘Mount Equipment’ can’t be acquired when using ‘Epic Chest Ticket’.
– There are 6 parts for Mount equipment, and options are different for each part.
# Horseshoe, Saddle, Spur : Attack based options and excellent options are randomly achieved.
# Whip, Armor, Reins : Defense based options and excellent options are randomly achieved.
– The Mount equipment can be enhanced at [Refine].
# Available features in Refine system : Enhance, Option Enhance, Combine, and Transfer
# The Mount equipment can be enhanced the same as the character’s equipment, and some additional options can be achieved at the certain enhance levels.
– The Mount equipment options are only applied when the Mount is equipped.
– Mount equipment’s options are higher as the Tier of Mount equipment gets higher.
– The Mount equipment are equipped to the Mount equipment slots.
– There are some buffs that can be acquired when the Enhance/Option/Tier requirements for Mount equipment are achieved.
# Enhance Buff : Max HP and Extra Elemental DMG are increased based on the total enhancement level of the Mount equipment.
# Option Buff : Max HP and Deadly Hit Chance are increased based on the total option enhance level of the Mount equipment.
# Tier Buff : Max HP and Resist Deadly Hit are increased based on the total Tier of the Mount equipment.
– Gems can be acquired when the Mount equipment is disassembled.

System improvement

1. Max Character level Raise.
– Character’s max level has raised to 15 Rebirth Lv.100.

2. New tiers for Achievement Title and Arena Division added.
– 4 New tiers for Achievement Title and Arena Division have been added.
# New Arena Division : LTC, COL, BG, MG
# New Achievement Title : Demolisher, Annihilator, Foreseer, Creator

3. New Mount added.
– New Mount ‘Infernal Hound’ has been added.
– ‘Hell Hound’ can be acquired through [Mount > Capture > Point Shop].

4. New Mount Costume added.
– New Costume for Mount ‘Heavenly Griffin’ has been added.
– Mount Costume is applied when the Mount is equipped.
– Mount Costume can be acquired through events.

※ When the Mount is unequipped, the Mount Costume is unequipped with it.


New costume and new pet!

Strange things often happen on the Halloween night because ghosts love to come over to town and tease people. Try this Halloween Costume that was sneaked from a witch’s closet in the Swamp of Peace. It might upset the witch, but it will be more than enough to freak the ghosts out!
As the night settles in, something shows up from the deep abyss. This creature looks very powerful and yet vacant inside. You seem like the only eligible master of this dangerous creature, Shadow of The Void!


Do you want to participate in the Major Guild League, but don’t belong to a Guild? Well, there is a new system where everyone can enjoy the Guild League! Choose a Guild to support, send them cheers and applauses! Guilds in the Major League will be happy to have some supports, and you will get rewards in return!



The continent has been divided into three Forces and will now compete for supremacy of the MU continent! What would you choose, the Union, the Sacred Order or the Illusion Association? Eliminate the monsters that enter the Force territory, destroy the bosses and become the champion!
Don’t be too surprised if your friends join other Forces! You know, a friend today may turn against you tomorrow!

MU Origin Update – Mount – Patch Notes

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Newly added contents

1. Mount system
– Mounts have been added which are not only a great help to speed up your journey, but also significantly increase your stats.
– The Mount system opens upon completion of the main quest [New Friend] Rebirth 3 Lv. 60.
– The Mounts can be acquired through [Mount > Mount Capture] and [Server Dungeon > Infernal Canyon].
# Mounts, Power Crystals and Mount Evolve Stones can be acquired with certain chances at [Mount Capture].
# Mount capture is free once daily. Unbound Diamonds are consumed for extra captures.
– There are 4 slots available to place Mounts. However, only one Mount can be equipped at a time.
– Basic options and excellent options of an equipped Mount are added to the character stat.
– Mount options can be increased by leveling up and evolving the Mounts.
# Power Crystals are required to level up the Mounts, and Mount Evolve Stones to evolve.
# Power Crystals can be also gathered by disassembling the Mounts.
# When a Mount levels up, DEF, Attack DMG and Max HP increase.
The [Level up] button only appears on the equipped Mount.
When an equipped Mount’s slot levels up, the other placed Mounts’ slots level up together.
# Mount Evolve increases the basic options and the skill Lv. of Mounts.
The Mounts can be evolved up to Tier 10.
– Mount buffs can be acquired by fulfilling the Lv., option, Evolve requirements.
– Mount combination buffs can be acquired by fulfilling the requirements.
– When the Mount is captured for the first time, the Mount Journal is activated.
– Every Mount has one skill, and the skills can be used during the battle.

※ All Mounts acquired from the Mount Capture are bound.

2. New Server Dungeon ‘Infernal Canyon’.
– Defeat the boss monster with warriors from all servers, and claim rewards in the new server dungeon ‘Infernal Canyon’!
– Infernal Canyon is available after 3 Rebirth Lv.60.
– Maximum 5 characters can form a party and enter the Infernal Canyon. The time limit for the dungeon is 15 minutes.
– The boss monster appears when you enter the dungeon. The boss will summon Mounts when its HP becomes below 40%.
– The summoned Mounts heal and provide a buff to the boss. The buff and healing can be stopped by defeating the Mounts.
– The Mount Evolve Treasure Chest, the Mount Treasure Chest and EXP can be acquired as the dungeon clearing rewards.

3. Awaken system
– Activate Awaken Stones to enhance your Epic equipment! the Awaken system has been added.
– Awaken opens upon the completion of the main quest [Equipment Awaken] Rebirth 4 Lv. 15.
– You can activate the Awaken Stone in [Awaken > Activate] by consuming ‘Awaken Stone Pieces’. Basic options can be acquired with it.
– Awaken Stones are divided into Attack Awaken Stones and Defense Awaken Stones by equipment part.
# Attack Awaken Stones : Weapon, Necklace, Left and Right Rings
# Defense Awaken Stones : Helm, Armor, Gloves, Pants, Boots
– If the certain number of the same Attack or Defense Awaken Stones are activated, set options can be acquired.
# Example : If 3 Awaken-Blade Stones are activated, the set option for the Awaken-Blade Stones is acquired. If the 3 Awaken-Revenge Stones are activated, the set option for Awaken-Revenge Stones is acquired.
– You can select either attack or defense type Awaken Stones and insert them in [Awaken > Insert]. The basic options of Awaken Stones are applied without insertion. However, the set options are only applied when Awaken Stones are inserted.
– Awaken Stone can only be inserted into an equipment that is higher than Tier 7 and that has more than 5 excellent options.
– When you change your equipment after activating the Awaken Stones, activation effects will last if any changes in the equipment fulfill the requirement.

4. Server Assault
– Loot other servers not to be looted! A fierce All-server event, ‘Server Assault’ has been added.
Server Assault is a PVP system between servers by stealing each server’s resources.
– Server Assault opens after reaching Rebirth 7 Lv. 55.
– The event is held between 21:30 ~22:00 every Sunday. Each season lasts for 13 weeks.
– Guild masters from Lv. 6 or higher Guilds can proceed Bidding with the Guild budget.
3 Guilds that have put the highest bids acquire the qualification for Invasion.
– 150 warriors can participate for the defensing the server by the order of arrival.

<Bid Rules>
– The Guilds that has succeeded in Bidding acquires the qualification for Invasion and can enter to the Invasion battlefield.
– Bidding starts at every Sunday 19:00 and all servers are divided into 4 groups by the amount of remaining resources. And the Bidding is proceeded in order.
– Each group’s bidding time is 15 minutes.
– Bidding is proceeded in private and the results are notified immediately to the Guild master.
– Bidding has a cooldown time until the next Bidding. So, Bidding can’t be proceeded continuously regardless of the result.
– Guild can only Bid for one server for each round.
– 3 Guilds that have put the highest bids acquire the qualification for Invasion and the Guild’s budget is deducted.
(The Guild budget is not spent if the Bidding fails.)

<Conquer Rules>
– To conquer and to be conquered are counted on a server basis.
– When the defensing server’s resources reaches 0 and among the invading servers, if one server looted 80% of the total resources. Than the server is conquered by that server.
e.g.) If the server A’s resources reach 0 and server B’s 2 Guilds have looted 83% of the total resources, the server A is conquered by the server B.
– The conquered status remains until the next Server Assault starts.
– You can check the records of the servers that has conquered through Hostile Records.

<Battlefield Rules>
– The characters that are qualified to participate for the Invasion can enter the battlefield 30 times for free.
– The participation counts are deducted upon entry to the battlefield and respawn.
– Remaining participation counts of each round are carried over to the next round. The participation count can be cumulated up to 60.
– The Guilds that don’t have the qualification for the Invasion can participate in their own server’s defense battlefield.
– Characters over Rebirth 7 Lv. 55 can participate.
– If the server is not Invaded, defense battlefield can’t be entered.
– All battlefield has entrance limit of 150 warriors.
– If you participate in both the Invasion and the Defense, rewards for both battles can be claimed.
– Each server receives a 5,000 resources every week. Remaining resources that have not been looted by enemies after the battle will be carried over to next week.
However, resource cumulation has a limit of 10,000.
– There are small and large crystals spawned in the battlefield. The number of small and large crystals are decided based on the total amount of resources.
– Guilds from same server shares the flag and can’t attack each other.
– When the resources are all looted or the time ends, the battle ends.

– Battle points can be gathered by eliminating enemies and looting resources. Serial kills or stopping enemies on a rampage will grant more points.
– Invading Guilds can acquire rewards depending on the total amount of resources looted and the personal points gathered in the battlefield.
– Defending Guilds can acquire rewards depending on the total amount of resources left after the battle and the personal points gathered in the battlefield.
– The Guild that is ranked first in the Invasion ranking can achieve the exclusive Title for both the Guild master and the Guild members.
– And for those who reaches the required kills in the Server Assault can claim exclusive Accessories.
– Awaken Points acquired from the Server Assault can be used to exchange the items like Pieces of Awaken Stone in the [Event > All Server Event > Server Assault > Awaken Shop].
– Awaken Shop’s item lists are renewed after some time passes. Or it can be renewed immediately by consuming unbound Diamonds.
And some items can be purchased with unbound Diamonds.

5. New All-Server Area for Rebirth 14, ‘Abyss Temple’
– Another all-server area, Abyss Temple for over Rebirth 14 has opened.
– Abyss Temple can be entered through [Map > All-Server Map > Abyss Temple].

System improvement

1. System improvement
– Detailed costume information of other characters can be now checked at [See Item]. (Costume name, options, and enhance status)
– The recommended Runes button has been added at [Oracle > Rune] where you can check recommendation for Rune combination.
– Movement speed in the Dice Hunter has been improved.
– Now the Soul Stones can be mined 50 times at once with the newly added ‘Mine x50′ feature.
– [Quest > Target Quest] has been deleted and the required Lv. for a few systems has been decreased.
– Additional buffs for total Pet skill Lv. has been added.
– The Meditation system has been improved. Various items along with the Star Essence and EXP can now be achieved via Meditation.
– Kalima has been changed into be a Server Dungeon. Corps’ Onslaught and Labyrinth of Dimensions have been deleted.
– Accessary rewards for Server Arena, Companion Arena, Battlefield of Emperor, and Battlefield of Heroes have been added.

2. UI improvement
– The main UI in-game has been improved.
– Now the active buffs of your character can be easily seen under the character portrait.
– The alerts for claiming rewards have been added.
– New systems to be opened soon can now be checked under the mini-map.

3. Reward renewal
Daily Activity
– New reward that can be exchanged with various items ‘Token of Courage’ has been added.

※ The Token of Courage can be exchanged with various rare items at Special Event.


Mount Update

MU Origin will be having a scheduled maintenance from August 21st 02:00 AM to 09:00 AM UTC.

Maintenance Schedule (7 hours)

08/21/18 03:00 AM ~ 08/21/18 10:00 AM

US West
08/20/18 07:00 PM ~ 08/21/18 02:00 AM

US East
08/20/18 10:00 PM ~ 08/21/18 05:00 AM

*During the maintenance period, players will not be able to access the game or the Support page*

– Mount Update

Maintenance Reward
– Bound Zen (1,000,000) (x5), Bound Diamond (100) (x5), Astrology Set (x1), Wings Upgrade Package (x1)