Abyss Temple

The new region has been discovered for the ones who have conquered all the monsters from all areas. Abyss Temple is dark and dangerous place! But many have entered to reveal its secret and never came back. Are you fully prepared to step into this mysterious land? If so, please find the cause of despair and eliminate the darkness from the Abyss Temple!

Pets Rising!

Pets Rising!
Event Date: 06/27/18 ~ 07/03/18
Reward: (20 Winners) 10  Epic Pet Ticket, 10  Aether Dust (100), 10  Elemental Stone (90), 5  Bound Diamond (100)

Strong but not strong enough! That’s why some Pets must be stuck in the warehouse forever.
Now the Fortress has been added for those Pets. Place them in the Fortress and complete the quests! Take a screenshot of completed quest and Win rewards that will make you stronger!

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