Cave of the Dragon

The legend says that in the depths of the deepest cave, which is protected by the flame of a huge dragon, rare treasures are hidden. You have a long way to go to find the entrance to the cave and defeat the dragon to get the coveted reward.

It is said that the great guard who stands at the ancient fossils of the dragon somewhere in the lands of the Mu will show you the way. If you ask him about what you need. . . You will only have enough of his first word. . .

Event time: 22 – 30 April, 2018.

Who can participate: Players from servers 22 – 23 – 24 Europe.

What need for participate: type answer in comments below.

Only first player who give correct answer will be awarded!


No winners


Undeground Key: Balrog

Portal Key: East

Magical Words: soulcorrupted

NPC Name:

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