Companion Ring

  1. Companion System can be unlocked once you reached your 3rd rebirth. The Companion icon will appear on your screen.

  1. Current Ring’s tier. The higher the level of your ring, the more stats it adds. ( Tip: Do not need to make a priority in the game – increase the level of the ring. The resources expended and the number of stats added do not correspond to the expediency in this);
  2. The required number of points for the next level on the current tier;
  3. A button by clicking which you increase your bar to the current level of the ring. Depending on the level of the spark, you will get a different number of points (Red Spark – 2 points min, Purple Spark – 4 points min, Blue Spark – 6 points min, Green Spark – 8 points min, Gold Spark – 10 points minimum). There is also a random chance to get more points ( a maximum of 100 points using the Gold  Spark);
  4. The current stats of your ring. Green numbers mean how many parameters you will get with the next increase in the level of the ring.
  • 30% of the total number of all stats of your ring, are also added to your companion!

  1. Name of the ring;
  2. The required number of unbound diamonds to increase the ring tier +1;
  3. Shows the number of stats that you receive on the selected tier.

Companion Feast

  1. The required Bound zen for open feast;
  2. The ability to choose the opening time of your feast;
  3. Choose feast size.

  1. A number that shows how much you need to donate your feast to receive a reward;
  2. The current reward for feast. Care! You can not take the reward until the fist is over.

Feast Reward

  1. Increases your Ring level by 50 points.

Feast Table

  1. Each feast has a limit of use – 5. Try to look in the list of your friends and guildmates to bring their feast closer to completion. You have 20 attempts daily;
  2. Showing the number of chances for the completion of a feast;
  3. Your daily participation chance to use any feast;
  4. Feast size icon. The more size you use, the more resources (fame / exp) you get, and the more you spend (bound zen).

    Where can I purchase materials to increase the level of my ring?

  1. Gem exchange.

  1. Pet Points shop.
  2. Max 10 each day.

  1. Dice shop.
  2. Rainbow Spark – adds 20 points to the current ring level without the chance of an extra bonus. It is not connected with the rest of the Sparks and is not counted in the total counter of used Sparks.



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