Dice Hunter

A chance to get various items! A mini-game in MU Origin, Dice Hunter has been added.
Dice Hunter is a board game where you can roll the dice to attain various rewards and have fun.

Dice Hunter can be entered at [Dice Hunter].

[Dice Hunter]
Dice Hunter has a board game with a dice to roll and tiles to go for.
It is where you can get Dice Point and Ruby which can be exchanged with various items.

1. Floors: Dice Hunter has 10 floors in total.
2. Tiles with numbers: You can get a certain amount of Dice Points upon arrival.
3. Tiles with ‘?’: Random events take place upon arrival.
– Reward: Ruby and Jewels are randomly given.
– Exchange: a merchant offers you a chans to exchange your Dice Point with other items.
– Boss Raid: a random boss appears. Defeat the boss and get rewards.
4. Treasure Chest: The last tile of each floor has a treasure chest, where you can randomly attain items such as Ruby and Dice Point.
5. This is available for characters from Rebirth 6 and above.


– Normal Dice: You can move randomly between 1~6 tiles.
– Gold Dice: Gold Dice allows you to move to the desired tile in a scale of 1~6.

※ Five dice are given for free every day.

[Dice Shop]

Dice Point and Ruby gained in Dice Hunter can be exchanged with various items in Dice Shop.

※ The game play record resets at 00:00 every Monday. However, Ruby and the Dice Points will remain.

[Weekly Reset]
Dice Hunter play record resets at 00:00 every Monday.