How it work?

You contact me in skype – djassar119

Tell me answer for some questions:

  1. Where you from?
  2. What is your login method?
  3. What device you use – iOS or Android?
  4. What you want to buy in game? ( packs / super deal items / diamonds )

After that you wait my reply.

After my reply i ask you to send money to PayPal wallet and share you account data (login and pass).

After i see that money on my PayPal – i log in your account and buy for you all what you wanted.

Deal done. All happy.

5000 Diamonds cost – 100$

You can make purchase with 20-25% discount it means. That you pay 75-80$ for each 5000 Diamonds.

Discount system:

First buy – 25%

Rest Buys – 20%.

After 50000 Diamonds ( or equal ) buys – 25%.


You can leave some comments on this page below.

If you have problems – attach screenshot proves at this page.


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