Domain – Ruins

1. Runes in Ruins : Can check the Runes in the Ruins. Can check the more Runes by swiping the screen.
2. Rune Point : Can check the possessing Rune Point. Rune Points are used to activate the Runes.
3. + button : Pressing ‘+ button’ shows screen for injecting Ruins Point.

4. Rune Point : Screen when ‘+ button’ is pressed. By injecting the Ruins Points, Rune Points can be acquired. And can check required Ruins Points and possessing Ruins Points.
5. Inject : Can inject Ruins Points with Inject button. If the required Ruins Points are fulfilled Rune Points can be acquired.

6. Rune Details : From ‘1. Runes in Ruins’, when one of the Rune is selected the details can be checked. Stats that can be acquired when the Rune is activated and required Runes Points for activating the Runes can be checked.
7. Unlock : Runes can be activated by pressing the ‘Activate’ button. The previous Runes must be activated in order to activate the next Runes. The Runes that can be activated are specially marked with blue border.

8. Reset : By deactivating the activated Runes, used Ruins Rune points can be retrieved. When resetting, ‘Ruins Reset Ticket’ is consumed. If the item is insufficient, 20 unbound Diamonds per activated Rune can be used to reset.

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