Endless Tower Hazard Identification – 04/25/18 ~ 05/01/18

Endless Tower Hazard Identification
Event Date: 04/25/18 ~ 05/01/18
Reward: (20 Winners) 50 Condor Feather, 30 Condor Flame, 3 Rainbow Feather, 5 Bound Zen (1,000,000)

We recently discovered a path to the next stages of the Endless Tower! It was a marvelous discovery. However, ever since we activated the hidden door, the tower has started quaking. The tower has been shaking for weeks, and you can feel the subtle vibration in your spine.
Guess we need to investigate further to see what’s causing this. Post a picture inside the Endless Tower. It will be a great help for us and we will do our best to stabilize the tower. Thank you for your cooperation.


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