Game Bugs

Here we will try to keep a list of the most popular bugs in the game. 99% of bugs are associated with visual display, which does not affect the gameplay, but they cause a lot of inconvenience in the game.

Visual bugs:

  • When the last wave of monsters on the Devil Square appears, if the boss is in the point of monsters, then it may not be loaded on your screen. However, if you cast your skills, the damage is still applied. However, for certain to know that the boss did not loaded you too can not, since he can appear elsewhere.
  • After the death of the character in the Crystal Mine, using instant resurrection, your character will be displayed in the safe zone, while you will be in a different location on the map.
  • Recharge time skills may not display correctly.
  • Because of poor optimization of the game, at the time when pushing skills are applied to you, the picture change can take place with a big delay.

Gameplay bugs:

  • During long battles, it seems that somehow the game cache is overloaded and it is likely that after death you will continue to lie on the ground with a small amount of health and inability to move or rise again. The problem is solved by restarting the account or re-death. ┬áP.S. Hopefully there will be a lot of AoE damage.
  • There are places near the points of appearance of world bosses, as well as bosses in dungeons, in which under certain conditions the bosses are immobilized and can not attack you.

Do you know about the bugs that are not listed here? Let us know in the comments!


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Hy I loud really like my hero’s stun fixed as fast as possible. When me and my enemy use stuns at the same time , my enemy deals all his dgm per second on me ,when meanwhile my stun doesnt deal even 1 dmg .Also my stun bugs 80-90% of the times and doesnt stun even for a second and doesnt deal dmg.Also it happens when under the duration of the stun,heroe’s continue walking to save distance.. Region Europe server 7 character’s name Mefjus rb7 100lvl