Happy Birthday to MU! – 07/28/18 ~ 08/05/18

Happy Birthday to MU!

Event Date: 07/28/18 ~ 08/05/18
Reward: (All) 5 Bound Diamond (100), 5 Bound Zen (1,000,000), 5 Superior Achievement Badge, 5 Superior Fame Badge
One hundred (100) users will be able to acquire these awesome rewards!

Happy birthday to MU, happy birthday to MU, happy birthday to MU Origin(drum rolls)! Happy birthday to MU!! Thank you so much for being with us for 2 whole years! It has been a lot of fun and laughs to be with you all.
We, of course, have prepared a bunch of gifts to share and celebrate 2nd birthday of MU Origin! Share a screenshot of you equipping the 2nd anniversary Title. You know, when you share the joy, it doubles!

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