Land of Ordeal

Cooperate with other warriors from all servers to defeat five server boss monsters!

Land of Ordeal can be accessed by completing the quest ‘News from the Base’ after 6 Rebirth.
You can enter Land of Ordeal by [Event > Server event > Land of Ordeal].


1. Entry
– Registration period (25mins): Saturday and Sunday 14:00~14:25 / 18:00~18:25
– Matching period (5mins) : Saturday and Sunday 14:25~14:30 / 18:25~18:30
– Battle period (30mins) : Saturday and Sunday 14:30~15:00 / 18:30~19:00
– Bosses appear in a minute after the start of the event.

2. Event Description
– Defeat all monsters and bosses within 30 minutes.
– If your character is killed during the battle, it is respawned in a random location.
– All loots are unbound. However, only the character who gave the most damage to the boss can acquire loots from the boss monsters.