Lost Amulet

In ancient times there was a relic, the owner of which could command all the elements of the world. And one day in a great war, a wizard

owning a powerful amulet was pierced with a sword. The amulet was split into five parts, each of which was subsequently lost throughout the world.
Help to find all 5 parts of the amulet to restore the former greatness of the lost relic.

They say, somewhere in ancient dungeons, one of the guards in red armor heard that one of the parts of some ancient artifact is at a huge monster, which can only be conquered by hellish power.

Event time: 16 – 30 May, 2018.

Who can participate: Players from servers 22 – 23 – 24 Europe.

What need for participate: type answer in comments below.

Only first player who give correct answer will be awarded!



Helping hints

  • Stairs pictures is clickable
  • First part key is 35500
  • Second part key is 49000
  • Third part key is 124135
  • Fourth part key is nakiaZ
  • Fifth part key is 10440

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