Muren’s Book – Mysterious Spell

The long-lost ancient book of mysterious spells, Muren’s Book has been regained.
Now it’s in your hand waiting to take its power back to save MU continent!

Muren’s Book System opens at 4 Rebirth 80, after ‘Battle Preparation (3)’ quest is cleared, and it can be found at Muren’s Book.
Enhancing Muren’s Book increases not only Basic options such as DMG and DEF, but also Resurrection Chance and Full MP Recovery.

  1. Magic Broom Counter – By clicking the button Unlock you activate the buff that lasts 70 hours!
  2. Open Spell options for check how many baffs you got!
  3. Current tier of your Muren’s Book!
  4. Stats and buffs obtained as a result of increasing the level of the book!
  5. Level UP/Auto Promotion: enhance Muren’s Book with [Magic Book] and [Magic Crystal]!
  6. The current level of your book!

Mysterious Spell
Dust Muren’s book with Magic Broom to activate its mysterious spells. The spell will reinforce your power for 70 hours!

  • Freeze Chance: freezes for 2 seconds and give 50% more DMG
  • Paralysis Chance: paralyzes for 1 seconds and give 50% more DMG
  • Speed Decrease Chance: slows down 30% for 4 seconds and give 50% more DMG.
  • Double Hit Chance: give 100% more DMG by an additional attack

Where you can buy resources to increase the level of the book:

Honor shop:

  1. Magic Book
  2. Magic Crystal
  3. Magic Broom

Ragnarok shop:

Medal of honor (you get 200 Honor points that you can spend on purchasing resources to increase the level of the book).