Black Friday is here

Get a guaranteed gift for participating in the event

Come into the game every day, for 7 days to get the title and the bonuses that come with it, as well as many other rewards

Buy 3000 diamonds every day for bonuses from WebZen

Buy 30,000 diamonds during the event and get an exclusive title, as well as a pet Magma Fist

Watch for limited sales, perhaps you will want to buy something

+20 Enhance Event

Collect Stuffing and Cranberries for get some daily Exchange rewards

Black Friday Fever

Lights Off, Music On…

Offers Down on the Dance Floor!

People walking in the street stare through our windows, smile and walk away… Something unusual is happening in the WEBZEN offices, again!

The WEBZEN jukebox is stuck on play, and it will take us about one week to sort it out! At first, producers used soundproof headphones to keep focused and work as usual, then translators started to type on their keyboards to the beat of music… but eventually, the entire office turned into a disco with people dancing on their chairs and singing in meeting rooms.

Jazzy Special Event!

Don’t stop nodding your head, and check out what’s on sale in the shop during the Black Friday Fever week!

MU Origin is preparing a very special Special Event for all warriors to enjoy!

Get prepared for plenty discounts and enormous free rewards!

Detailed dates and contents will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

Slave to the Game

Do you replace the in-game music with Y.M.C.A.? Are you stuck in the Disco Infernodungeon? Stayin’ Alive is all you want to achieve in your game? Then the symptoms are quite clear: Black Friday Fever is quickly spreading out of control… We recommend that all affected players stay home and play their favorite game!

Stay tuned and enjoy the rest of the week!

Your WEBZEN team.

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WebZen event – Thanksgiving-full of Feasts

Reward: (20 Winners) 5 100 Contribution, 5 Superior Fame Badge, 10 Star Essence(30,000), 5 Bound Diamond(100)

It’s the turkey season! Our feast tables in Lorencia are ready to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day and host all the warriors passing Lorencia. Share a screenshot of you joining the feasts (the Loren Feast or the Companion Feast, doesn’t matter!) with us. Bon apetit and happy Thanksgiving!

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