Server Dungeon – Cry Wolf

Defend the Cry Wolf Statue from endless waves of monsters!
[Server Dungeon-Cry Wolf]

The mission of the Server Dungeon-Cry Wolf is to defend the ‘Cry Wolf Statue’ from waves of monsters.
Server Dungeon-Cry Wolf can be entered at [Dungeon > Server Dungeon > Cry Wolf].

[Cry Wolf Rules]
1. Waves of monsters rush toward the Cry Wolf Statue from three directions.
2. Defend the Statue for 15 waves.
3. The Dungeon ends if the Statue is destroyed.


Points are given based on the number of monsters defeated, the time left, and the HP remaining of the Statue.
Rewards are given based on the personal points.

Victory gives you (500+0,01*Personal Points) Wolf Dust

Lost give you (200+0,01*Personal Points) Wolf Dust