Soul Gem

Enhance your soul with Soul Gem System!
Soul Gem System has been added. Now enhance your Soul Gems and add Elemental damages to your power.

[Soul Gem]

Soul Gem is an expansion to Soul Stone where warriors can acquire Elemental attributes such as Elemental Penetration.
Soul Gem System can be found at [Soul Stone > Soul Gem].

1. Soul Gem Set: Soul Gem has 3 sets – Star set, Lunar set, and Solar set.
2. Soul Gem Acquire: you can create Soul Gems at [Soul Stone > Soul Gem > Acquire].
3. Soul Gem Combination: combine different Soul Gems for additional attributes.

[Soul Gem Set]
– Soul Gem has Star set, Lunar set, and Solar set.
– A set can be equipped with maximum 6 different Soul Gems.
– The same sorts of Soul Gems cannot be equipped in the same set.
– Each set opens when a player reaches a certain rebirth.
* Star set: 9 Rebirth Lv.1
* Lunar set: 11 Rebirth Lv.1
* Solar set: 13 Rebirth Lv.1

[Soul Gem Creation]

Soul Gem can be created by spending Wolf Dust at [Soul Stone > Soul Gem > Acquire].
※ Wolf Dust can be acquired at Server Dungeon-Cry Wolf and Guild Shop etc.

– Soul Gem can be leveled up by absorbing other Soul Gems.
– The attributes increase as the Soul Gem levels up.
– Soul Gem has 10 tiers and each tier has 100 levels.

[Soul Gem Combination]

– Soul Gems can be combined, and the Combination gives extra options.
– Soul Gem Combinations can be found at [Soul Stone > Soul Gem > Combination].