Soul Stone

Soul Stones are a new system which gives elemental stats to your character.
Mine and enhance Soul Stones to add another strategic element for PVP and dungeons.

The new elements inlcude the following six: fire, water, thunder, ice, wind, and earth.

Soul Stone system opens after completing the quest ‘Katuru’s Empire’.
You can enter Soul Stone by [Soul Stone].

[Soul Stone Insert]

– You can use ten of each type of Soul Stone: Orbium, Tris, and Quadion to aquire elemental attributes and options.

In ‘Elemental War’, the monster “Elemental Fear” has high DEF. It is weak against elemental DMG, so use Soul Stones to your advantage.

[Soul Stone Mining]

– Soul Dust and Diamonds are used for mining Soul Stones
– Soul Dust can be obtained from “Elemental War” and “Battlefield of Heroes” or by disassembling Soul Stones.
– There are three types of mining: short, medium, and advanced. Higher level mining will gather higher level Soul Stones.

[Soul Stone Level]

– You can level up a Soul Stone if you have three of the same level.
– You can also use three of a lower level Soul Stone the same as a next level Soul Stone.

3 level 2 stones = 1 level 3 stone
3 level 1 stones + 2 level 2 stones = 1 level 3 stone
6 level 1 stones + 1 level 2 stone = 1 level 3 stone

[Soul Stone Types]
– Soul Stones are divided into three types: Orbium, Tris, and Quadion.
– There are six different elements for each type: fire, water, thunder, ice, wind, and earth.
– Each Soul Stones have different attributes.