Speсialty – A special kind of increase in your combat points, which opens on the 10th rebirth. The main resource for obtaining Specialty points is directly your experience, which you usually use to raise the level of the character.

Open the panel Specialty.

  1. A tree of talents that will help increase your combat points, as well as strengthen your skills and other abilities of your character.
  2. Go to the menu for obtaining Specialty points.
  3. The tree of talents consists of 3 branches: Destruction, Cold-blood, Inhumanity. Each branch is unique and is aimed at strengthening the different sides of your character. Choose the talents you need with the mind!
  4. Open the panel to reset all of your used points to distribute them again.
  5. The panel displaying the buffs of all branches.

  1. Talent name.
  2. The current level of talent and the bonus that you get.
  3. The next level of talent and bonus that you will receive, instead of the current one.
  4. Panel for adding points to talent.
  5. With this button you increase the level of your chosen talent. Be careful! In order to distribute points, you need to spend resources.

Specialty Tree

  1. A bar depicting the current amount of used experience.
  2. On the right side is the amount of experience that is required to obtain a 1 point. On the left side is the amount of experience that you can use right now.
  • Caution! When you press the button, you lose all the experience of the current level. It will be 0%.

  1. Number of points in the branches of your tree of talents (each point add 1% to branch buffs).
  2. All the buffs you get for each point of a certain branch of talent.


3. A pie chart that displays the focus of your talents.

Reset points

  1. A ticket that is used to reset all of your used points. After the reset you do not lose any point!
  2. If you do not have a ticket, you can reset your points by paying 20 unbound diamonds.
  3. When you click, all your points will be reset.

Ragnarok shop – The place where you can buy a Reset ticket



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