Sub Character

The Sub-Character system allows you to create an additional character that shares the same name and stats.
You can freely switch between the main character and the Sub-Character.

How to Create A Sub Character

– The quest [Secret] must be completed after 8 Rebirth Lv.1 to create a Sub Character.
– A Sub Character can be created at [Character > Stat > Sub Char].
– 1500 Unbound Diamonds are required to create a Sub Character.
– The class of a Sub-Character cannot be the same as the main character’s class.
– Once a Sub Character is created, it cannot be deleted or changed to another class.

How to Switch between Main and Sub Character

– Switching from Main to Sub Character, or vice versa can be done at [Character > Stat > Sub Char / Main Char].
– Switching between main and Sub-Characters can only be done in safe areas (not possible in dungeons or open areas on the map).

Shared and Non-shared Features between Two Characters
– Shared features:
Rebirth Levels, Resources, Domain, Wardrobe, Accessories, Zodiac, Quests, Pets, Stat Points, Specialty Points, etc.

– Non-shared features:
Equipment, Skills, Skill Levels, Distributed Stats and Specialties.

– Features updated independently for each character:
Rankings, Arena Class

※ The Sub-Character cannot use Companion-related features (Companion Arena, Companion Dungeon, Companion Request, etc.)

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