Tarot Card

Tarot Card –¬†additional system to increase your combat points.

  1. Open Tarot Card menu
  2. Unlocked card
  3. Locked card

  1. The Emperor – Consumable to increase the level of your random cards
  2. Displaying your chosen card, which gives certain bonuses
  3. Total number of bonuses from all selected cards

The Emperor


  1. Collect the number of cards needed to unlock a new card
  2. Image of the card you want to unlock

  1. The required number of cards to increase the level
  2. Bonuses you receive after increasing the level
  3. Card name
  4. Current card level

Where i can get a new cards?

  1. Open All server event Battlefield of Emperor

  1. Open Shop
  2. Token of the Emperor – Obtain 10 Emperor points

  1. Consumable – gives you a random Tarot Card – cost 10 Emperor points
  2. Remaining time before changing the types of cards in the shop
  3. Buy the card you need
  4. If there is no card that you need, you can update the list of cards offered to you, or wait for the time until free reset


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