Titles – is one way of increasing your combat points (CP).

In order to get a bonus from the title, you do not need to wear it when it is displayed above your head. All activated titles gives you these bonuses immediately after activation.

In the section – Title – you can only select a title you like and clicking Equip, it will be displayed on your character and will be visible to everyone around.

How to get the title?

Typically, all titles can be obtained during special events from WebZen.

Rich enough players can also get exclusive titles, such as

thanks to the purchase of Diamonds, as bonus rewards for replenishment during the event.

There are titles that can only be obtained by game play.

For the win in Chaos Castle – Slaughter


For the win in Castle Siege – Loren Warlord / Loren Guardian


For the win in Guild Cry Wolf – Wolf Warlord / Wolf Guardian

For the win in Ragnarok